First Things First

Options For Keeping Your Firearms Safe

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You have several options for storing your firearms and keeping them safe. Your choice will depend on how convenient you want your rifles and pistols to be, how valuable they are, and your budget. Here is a rundown of the various ways you can store your firearms. Gun Cases These are most useful for transporting your firearms without damaging them. They have room for one or two weapons and can be a hard or soft case. A few cases include a simple luggage lock but the designs do nothing to prevent theft. They are helpful when taking a gun to a...

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Why Your Locksmith Should Re-Key Your New Deadbolt

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You’ve just purchased a new lockset or deadbolt from your favorite big hardware retailer. It seems relatively easy to install in your home’s front door. Why do you need to get a locksmith involved? The answer is that major lock manufacturers sell locksets in lots, which may all use the same key. If the store where you purchased your lockset got a box of several sets from a major lock manufacturer, odds are good that they are keyed alike. The benefit to doing this is that the manufacturer doesn’t have to set so many options...

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Locked Out Of Your Car? Here Are Two “Tricks” That Just Won’t Work!

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If you find yourself locked out of your car and turning to the Internet for some tricks to get your door open, you’ll see plenty of information. Unfortunately, a lot of that information is pretty misleading. If you try some of these, you’re only going to end up wasting your time. Here’s a look at two of the most common “tricks” for unlocking a car door, and why they just don’t work. Busted Trick #1: Using Your Cell Phone to Call Someone With A Key Fob The story behind this trick is that you can call someone...

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Buying A Foreclosed Property Or Short Sale? Get A Locksmith Right Away

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If you have recently purchased a home on a short sale or foreclosure, your first call when you get the new keys should be a locksmith. These types of sales usually mean the seller was in trouble and you are getting the home from the bank, and the house could have been vacant for an extended period of time. It isn’t uncommon for people to target unoccupied houses for theft. You don’t know who was walking around inside the home while it was vacant or who the owner gave a key to when they were still the owners. Here is what you want...

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The Importance Of Using Locksmith Services In Residential Property Management

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Being a residential property owner has its pros and cons. Indeed, on the one hand, it provides you with supplemental income, and on the other, it requires dealing with renters who aren’t always honest. Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to address the challenges associated with property ownership once and for all. Instead, there exist solutions that you might apply when an issue involving a tenant arises, such as the use of locksmith services. This article discusses the importance of relying on locksmith services in...

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3 Ways To Save On A Locksmith

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Losing your keys to your home or car can be a nightmare, especially if you do not have a spare key around. If losing your keys were to happen, would you know who to call for help? Before you hire a local locksmith, there are a few things to consider to ensure you are able to obtain many helpful services without having to pay top dollar. So, when selecting a locksmith to hire, be sure that you take the time to find a professional that offers: Insurance Coverage: There is a great chance that you own a homeowners or auto insurance policy, which...

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