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How To Childproof Your Gun Safe

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If you have a passion for firearms and a baby on the way, you want to know the best way to keep your family safe. You want to protect your family from harm while also keeping your firearms out of the wrong hands. Here are tips on how to make gun safes child proof: 1. Keep ammunition in a separate safe. Buy a separate locking safe for ammunition. Make sure all your guns are unloaded before placing them in the safe. Hide the keys for your ammunition safe in a separate area from the ones for your gun safe. Be sure to keep all keys hidden in a place where your children can’t easily find them. 2. Install foolproof locks. Hire a locksmith to install safer locks on your gun safe. If you have a safe that uses keys, you should switch to a combination lock. Higher tech locks that use fingerprints or palm scans are the best choice. You should also install a different kind of lock for your ammunition safe. For example, if you use a combination lock for your gun safe, install a fingerprint lock for your ammunition safe. The added layer of security will also keep your family safe during a burglary. 3. Hide the safes. Keep your gun safes out of sight. If your child can’t see the safe, his or her curiosity won’t get the best of them. If you can afford it, the best way to hide the safe is within a wall under a hidden panel. You can also hide the safe behind a painting or large piece of furniture. If this isn’t an option, the best way to hide your safe is in the back of your closet, or in a piece of furniture like a wardrobe or trunk. You can also buy a gun safe that looks like a piece of furniture. 4. Install locks on your guns. Have special locks installed on all your guns. There are several types of gun locks you can buy. The steel cable lock wraps around the gun once it’s disassembled. This prevents the gun from being put back together. There are also trigger locks that prevent the gun from being fired. Cable locks work best for guns that are for recreational purposes instead of protection. 5. Make sure to mount or bolt down all gun safes. Firearms aren’t the only danger of gun safes. A child can get hurt if a safe falls or tips over. Make sure all your gun safes are mounted or bolted down. This not only keeps your child safe from falling hazards, but prevents tampering. If someone breaks in, they won’t be able to carry the safe off. These are five tips that will childproof your gun safe and protect your family. Contact a locksmith in your area for more...

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Increase The Safety Of Your New Home With The Help Of A Locksmith

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Moving into a new house can come with a number of new lifestyle changes and services you’ll need, but the services of a locksmith is often forgotten once the key to the house is in your hands. In order to prevent a potential break-in and gain the peace of mind that your home is protected, make it a priority to get the services of a locksmith soon after moving in.  Get All the Doors Rekeyed The previous residents of your new home may still have some spare keys in their possession, so it’s important to get all the doors rekeyed. This includes the entry doors to your home, any sheds outside, the garage, and even bathroom doors. By getting every lock rekeyed, you can have the peace of mind that only you have all the keys for your home. Consolidate All Your Doors Into One Key Older homes that have undergone renovations or additions over time may have a number of different keys needed. In order to get around your home more conveniently, ask about consolidating all the doors into one universal key from the locksmith. Look Into New Locks for the Windows While windows simply lock with a turn of a knob, you may find that some have a lock which require a key. Getting new keys for the windows as well as the doors will add extra protection in your home. Consider the Security Level of Your Locks Even with all the lock keys replaced, some locks may not be as effective as keeping potential burglars out. In order to ensure that your home is as safe as possible, look into extra measures such as upgrading to new locks altogether. Exploring your options such as double and single cylinder deadbolts can help you pick out new locks with your safety in mind. Ask About Spare Keys and Hiding Tips Having a few spare keys is essential since you may want to give a spare to a family friend or neighbor. If you’re interested in having a spare key hidden somewhere outside your home, make sure to ask the locksmith about potential hiding spots so that the key is as protected as possible. Taking your time considering the services of a locksmith (such as one from The Lock Shop) can make all the difference when moving into a new home. By having a locksmith visit your home shortly after moving in, you can be comfortable and know that your home has the protection you...

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What Does A Commercial Locksmith Do – And What Can They Do For You ?

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A commercial locksmith may have many of the same duties that a residential locksmith has, but their work may tend to be more involved. In many cases, the commercial locksmith works for a single company, and has an office at the company’s main site. The commercial locksmith will only work out of their office occasionally since much of their work requires them to be at various areas on and around the property. Keep reading to learn more about what a commercial locksmith does for the company that employs them. Mobile Work Much of a commercial locksmith’s work may vary from one day to the next. The commercial locksmith will be there to deal with any lockouts that happen on property, and will also deal with situations like: Creating new building and office keys when needed Replacing identification badges when lost Helping employees who are locked out of their vehicle The commercial locksmith may also visit other branches of the company that employs them as needed. All of the jobs above mean that many commercial locksmiths act as a mobile locksmith in many cases. Thus, a great deal of flexibility is important for any commercial locksmith who works for a single employer. Maintaining Property Security The commercial locksmith’s primary job is usually maintaining security for the company that employs them. This involves much more than just lock and key systems in most cases. The majority of businesses that employ commercial locksmiths have high-end security systems that the locksmith is responsible for. The systems may include security measures like: Keypad entry systems Electronic badge entry systems Biometric lock systems (fingerprint lock systems)   These systems require regular, and possibly daily, maintenance to function at their peak. Every time a new employee is hired, they must be added to the system. Adding new employees to the system (and removing former employees) may take a significant portion of a commercial locksmith’s time, especially in large companies. With sophisticated electronic security systems like those mentioned above, malfunctions and glitches can be fairly commonplace. The commercial locksmith may be on call virtually around the clock to deal with any issues that the security system may have. Ultimately, the commercial locksmith has not just one role, but a large variety of roles, as you can see. The constant evolution of security systems and security measures means that the job of a commercial locksmith will never be boring. They will keep your whole company feeling...

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Six Different Types Of Commerical Locks

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If you’re in the market for a new lockset for your business, you may very well be confused by all of the different types of locks on the market today. You undoubtedly are looking for security, but you also want a lockset that’s easy for both your employees and your customers to operate. There’s really no one right answer as to what type of lock is best for your business. The lock that’s right for you depends on your location, you budget, your type of business and how you use the door. Types of commercial locks 1. Padlocks. Sometimes the simplest locks are the best for your door. A combination or a keyed padlock can keep your storage unit, equipment yard or job site secure without a lot of expense. Since this type of lock is portable, it’s ideal for temporary locations, such as seasonal fairs or construction sites. 2. Deadbolts. Deadbolt locks are another time-honored style of entrance lock. These locks combine a keyed knob entry with a bolt that connects with the door frame, making it impossible to gain entry by simply picking the key lock. Deadbolts are made with a thumb turning mechanism or another keyed lock on the interior side. 3. Rim locks. A rim lock is one that attaches to the plane of the door. These locks, generally used for interior doors, are the ones you see on restored buildings. They are operated by a key that fits directly into the lock mechanism, not into the knob. 4. Cam locks. Cam locks are small cylinder locks that can fit in tight places while still offering a good measure of security. These circular locks are often used on the edges of glass doors. 5. Digital locks. One of the newer types of locks are those that require those entering the door to key in a digital code rather than have a key. This type of system has the the advantage of letting you change the code frequently and/or when someone leaves the company. It’s a lot easier to change a code than to collect and re-distribute keys. 6. Fingerprint and eyeprint locks. If high security is an issue for your business, you might want to consider a fingerprint or eyeprint entry system. These locks are only set to open when the unique fingerprint or eyeprint of the person scanned by the lock is listed among the lock’s authorized users. While these types of locks are among the most expensive, the offer a degree of security unattainable by other types of locks. Choosing the lock that’s right for your business doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Just take a few minutes to evaluate your budget, how you use the door and what level of security you need. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Hicks Safes & Locks...

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Options For Keeping Your Firearms Safe

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You have several options for storing your firearms and keeping them safe. Your choice will depend on how convenient you want your rifles and pistols to be, how valuable they are, and your budget. Here is a rundown of the various ways you can store your firearms. Gun Cases These are most useful for transporting your firearms without damaging them. They have room for one or two weapons and can be a hard or soft case. A few cases include a simple luggage lock but the designs do nothing to prevent theft. They are helpful when taking a gun to a firing range, but that’s about it. These are the least expensive cases in this list. Metal Cases Some of these gun cases are made to transport weapons, but a few can be mounted on a wall or the floor of your home. They usually contain padding to prevent the guns from shifting around. Some include a simple key lock, but a few have the option of a keypad or combination lock. Your local locksmith can show you different metal cases and lock styles for your guns. When used to transport weapons, these cases won’t prevent theft. But when permanently mounted at home, they will slow down a burglar for a few minutes. Most of these cases can still be forced open easily with a pry bar or screwdriver. These are in the middle price range for gun cases. Steel Cabinets This is an expensive option for storing your firearms, but the first to offer real protection against theft. They are made of reinforced steel with hardened steel locks. Most sit on the floor and look like a tall filing cabinet. A few can be mounted against a wall. These cabinets are heavy enough to keep one person from stealing it by moving it themselves. But they can be moved by two people when you want to relocate it somewhere else in your home. When mounted on a wall, the steel cabinets are difficult to pry loose. Your locksmith can show you various options such as combination locks, digital keypads, and even fingerprint recognition locks. A wall-mounted steel cabinet with a sophisticated locking mechanism nearly guarantees that your guns are protected against theft. The full guarantee is reserved for the gun safes. Gun Safes When you need maximum protection for your firearms, have the locksmith show you the latest in gun safes. These are made of reinforced, hardened steel with a door and hinges that are unbreakable. This is like having a bank vault for your guns. Once installed in your home, it can’t be moved. They come with a variety of locks, alarm systems, compartments and padding, and fire resistance. You will pay a premium price for a gun safe, but it is the only design that ensures that your gun collection is safe. You will likely end up owning several types of gun cases: a safe for your most valuable weapons, a wall-mounted steel case for the guns with which you most like to hunt or take to the shooting range, and a small; soft-sided gun case to protect your firearms on the way to the hunting camp. A final safety precaution is a trigger or cable lock to prevent a gun from accidentally discharging should it...

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Why Your Locksmith Should Re-Key Your New Deadbolt

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You’ve just purchased a new lockset or deadbolt from your favorite big hardware retailer. It seems relatively easy to install in your home’s front door. Why do you need to get a locksmith involved? The answer is that major lock manufacturers sell locksets in lots, which may all use the same key. If the store where you purchased your lockset got a box of several sets from a major lock manufacturer, odds are good that they are keyed alike. The benefit to doing this is that the manufacturer doesn’t have to set so many options and the consumer can buy several locksets that all use one key, then install them on multiple doors. But this also means that your neighbor may be buying and using a lock with the same key set that your home uses. To see if several locksets on the shelf of your local store use the same keys, just look for the serial number on the label. If other boxes share the same serial number, they are likely to be keyed alike. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, because it would be hard for a criminal to track who purchased which lockset and where each one was installed. But often the keys that accompany the locksets are marked with a number. This tells anyone in the know what combination your home is keyed to, and a duplicate key could be made just from that number. What can you do to avoid this problem? You can purchase your lockset from your local locksmith instead of a big hardware and home goods store. You can buy a lockset from a smaller manufacturer that doesn’t key multiple sets alike. You can take the lockset you buy directly to a locksmith and have the combination in the lock reset. You can have a locksmith make new keys made that are not marked. For the most peace of mind, work with your locksmith from the start to have the most secure lockset installed in your home. You can also ask your locksmith to conduct a home audit and let you know where there may be security issues that can be fixed. Another benefit of having a locksmith key all your locks is that they can be easily set to open with the same key, without buying them all that way. Don’t worry about having a different key for the front door, deadbolt, side door and back door — one key on your ring can open all the locks if they are properly set to the same...

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Locked Out Of Your Car? Here Are Two “Tricks” That Just Won’t Work!

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If you find yourself locked out of your car and turning to the Internet for some tricks to get your door open, you’ll see plenty of information. Unfortunately, a lot of that information is pretty misleading. If you try some of these, you’re only going to end up wasting your time. Here’s a look at two of the most common “tricks” for unlocking a car door, and why they just don’t work. Busted Trick #1: Using Your Cell Phone to Call Someone With A Key Fob The story behind this trick is that you can call someone on your cell phone while the person on the other end presses the key fob for your car. If you hold your phone up to your car door, your car will pick up the signal relayed from the fob, and your door will unlock. Unfortunately, this trick couldn’t be more wrong. Your car’s key fob works on a RF (radio frequency) signal that’s in the 300 MHz range, while your cell phone operates on a 800 MHz range. If car key fobs worked via a different frequency, this might be feasible. But with today’s technologies, it’s just not possible. Busted Trick #2: Squeeze A Tennis Ball With A Slit Directly Into the Lock The “reasoning” behind this story is that the compressed air coming out of the tennis ball is enough to open the lock mechanism. But car door locks really don’t work like that. In fact, you won’t even be able to get enough air pressure to open the cover of the lock, much less the components inside. You could never get enough air pressure to disengage a lock. The professionals on Mytbusters tackled this one, and not only did their test fail, but it failed under much better circumstances as well (with a perfectly closed seal and air pressure from a machine much higher than a tennis ball could produce).   If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, don’t waste your time with these tricks! The best course of action is often to just call a professional, such as ARC Locksmith Service. Instead of spending your time trying to call someone at home, or puffing air out of a tennis ball, just let someone who knows what they’re doing handle things. They have the tools and the talent to get the job done quickly (usually within a minute or two), and get you back on the...

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Buying A Foreclosed Property Or Short Sale? Get A Locksmith Right Away

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If you have recently purchased a home on a short sale or foreclosure, your first call when you get the new keys should be a locksmith. These types of sales usually mean the seller was in trouble and you are getting the home from the bank, and the house could have been vacant for an extended period of time. It isn’t uncommon for people to target unoccupied houses for theft. You don’t know who was walking around inside the home while it was vacant or who the owner gave a key to when they were still the owners. Here is what you want the locksmith to do right away. Change Door Locks and Add Deadbolts All of the locks on the entrance doors need to be changed out, and deadbolt locks need to be added if there aren’t any. This includes sliding glass doors and a door that goes from an attached garage into the home. People that have seen inside the home will know what type of locks were previously on the house, so they could be prepared to pick the locks after you move in your belongings. Window Locks on Both Floors If someone knows the windows don’t lock, or that the latches aren’t tight, they may plan on getting in through the windows on either floor. Have the locksmith add interior locks on all of the windows throughout the home. Home Security Add a home security system to the property right away, and make sure the system has smoke and gas detection. Wireless systems can’t be deactivated by a cut phone or cable line, and they are ideal if there is a power outage. You can choose a system that sends alerts to your phone for activity, and it will alert the authorities when triggered. The home security should earn you a discount on the cost of home insurance, and it can be as large as 20 percent. You may be getting a great deal on your home purchase, but you want to make sure that you and your belongings are going to be safe as soon as you move in. Talk with a locksmith and have them do a security check around the property to see if there are any concerns that may make your home a target for intruders, and fix any problems the locksmith makes notes about right away. For more information, contact a local locksmithing...

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The Importance Of Using Locksmith Services In Residential Property Management

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Being a residential property owner has its pros and cons. Indeed, on the one hand, it provides you with supplemental income, and on the other, it requires dealing with renters who aren’t always honest. Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to address the challenges associated with property ownership once and for all. Instead, there exist solutions that you might apply when an issue involving a tenant arises, such as the use of locksmith services. This article discusses the importance of relying on locksmith services in residential property management. Why re-keying is right for you If you’ve been a tenant at least once in your life, then you probably know the average number of duplicate keys lessees can make while they’re still renting their unit. This is because they want to minimize the consequences associated with losing their keys, including the cost of replacing their keys. Indeed, such a cost is far greater than the key duplication one. As a property owner, you certainly don’t want to be found liable because you forgot to make the necessary modifications on a given unit after a former tenant left. This is what might happen if you rent the unit to a new lessee, who then becomes the victim of a break-in. To prevent such a scenario from occurring, you must have all of the locks of your recently vacated units rekeyed. Not only does this eliminate any future liability from your shoulders, but it’s also an affordable option. Requests for maintenance made easier with master keys When a tenant contacts the leasing office to report a problem in their unit, they expect it to be addressed in a timely fashion. For example, if they call about the issue before going to work in the morning, they’ll want it to be fixed by the time they come back home at night. So if, due to issues involving keys, your maintenance staff isn’t able to do their job, this will most likely infuriate the lessee. One way to avoid this type of situation is by creating a master key that will be used for all of your locks. Master keys make even more sense if you possess more than one residential property within the same area. It seems quite evident that working with a locksmith will bring value to your business. So make the right decision today, and start taking advantage of the benefits associated with using locksmith services, such as improving the safety of your units. For more information, contact a local locksmith company like ASAP Mobile...

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3 Ways To Save On A Locksmith

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Losing your keys to your home or car can be a nightmare, especially if you do not have a spare key around. If losing your keys were to happen, would you know who to call for help? Before you hire a local locksmith, there are a few things to consider to ensure you are able to obtain many helpful services without having to pay top dollar. So, when selecting a locksmith to hire, be sure that you take the time to find a professional that offers: Insurance Coverage: There is a great chance that you own a homeowners or auto insurance policy, which means you may be eligible to have your locksmith services covered if you hire a locksmith who has contracts with your insurance provider. By contacting your insurance group and checking to see which locksmith service they use, you can obtain locksmith services at little to no cost. This can save you a great deal of money and make a stressful situation much easier to deal with.  Emergency Service: Losing your keys can happen at any time, day or night. This means if you lose your keys in the early morning or late night, you may end up paying more than you would have liked to for your service, as locksmith companies may increase their rates after normal business hours. So if you want to avoid paying more for your locksmith services, you may want to consider a company that offers emergency service, as this will allow you to obtain the same flat rate regardless of the time that you need to utilize their service.  Onsite Key Customization: Onsite key customization can be extremely helpful and a major time saver. With this service, your locksmith will be able to create a new key for your car or home, without you having to go to a different site to obtain your key. Your locksmith will be able to create the key at the location of which you are locked out from, so you can enter your vehicle or home with your new key and without having to create potential damages to your house or car.  With services like these, not only will you be able to have your issues resolved quickly, but also you will be able to keep the cost down so you don’t have to worry about paying too much for your locksmith services. So, before you potentially deal with a situation where you can’t find your keys, definitely take the time to seek a professional who can help you out in case you do end up misplacing your home or car keys.  For more information, contact a business such as Lincoln Lock &...

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