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When you move into your first house, you might be tempted to order new furniture or carpets for your place instead of attending to more important matters. Unfortunately, if you overlook home security, you might be left wondering if your family is safe while you are away. As a lock enthusiast, I always tell new homeowners that the first thing they should do is to rekey their entire house. Believe it or not, the process is relatively inexpensive and easy, so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank to protect your new investment. Read my website to find out more.

First Things First

5 Reasons To Call A Locksmith To Gain Entry To Your Home

by Katie Davis

If you become locked out of your home and do not have a spare key available, it is usually best to call a locksmith to gain entry. Here are a few reasons why:

You can have a duplicate key made.

If you no longer have multiple copies of the keys to your home, a duplicate key can be made when the locksmith comes to grant you entry. This is important for preventing the inability to access your home in the future.

You can have a new lock made to protect you from others who may have a key.

If someone else has a duplicate key to your home and you are uncomfortable asking for its return, you can simply have a new lock made for your door, along with the associated keys. Even though it may not have been your primary reason for calling the locksmith, having a lock changed after the ending of a relationship can help ensure your safety. This is especially true in cases in which a previous significant other or ex-spouse has a volatile or abusive nature.

You can gain entry into your home without tripping your alarm.

If you attempt to enter your home through a window, not only do you risk possible physical injury, you may trip the alarm of your home. If you are unable to reset the alarm quickly, law enforcement may arrive at your home to check it.

Having a locksmith help you gain entry into your home can help ensure that you are not injured during the entry process and that law enforcement does not have to make an unnecessary run to your property.

You can gain entry to your home without damaging your doors or windows.

Trying to force open a locked door or window can result in expensive damages to your home. In fact, door frames can be loosened and windows can be broken during an attempt at entry. This can sacrifice the security of your home until adequate repairs are made.

You can help ensure that a common predator is not trying to gain entry to your home by assisting you.

If you are locked outside of your home, soliciting the help of a stranger can be dangerous. The person could force you into your home and assault you or burglarize your property. However, when you call a locksmith, you can ask for the locksmith's card and credentials upon his or her arrival. To ensure that he or she is the person described on the card, you can even call the locksmith company for which the person works.

If you need to have the locks or keys of your home serviced or if you just need to gain entry to your house, call a locksmith from a company like Ability Lock & Key.