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First Things First

2 Ways To Get Your Coded Or Smart Car Key Replaced

by Katie Davis

Many of today's new cars have coded or smart keys. Those keys have codes that will do everything from open the doors to starting the car. The problem is that when you lose that key, you can end up not being able to get into your car since you are missing your special key. If that happens, you need to get it replaced. What do you need to do to get that key replaced?

Visit Your Dealership

Depending on your specific kind of key, you may only be able to replace it at the dealership. For example, if you have a smart key that uses rolling security codes in order to make sure that no one else but you can get into or start your car, then you visit a dealership. If you still live in the area, you should go to the dealership where you bought the car, otherwise go to a local dealership that sells your car's model. The reason that you have to go to the dealership for a smart key replacement is that the codes and technology the automakers use to make those keys is proprietary. That means a locksmith won't be able to replace those keys. The dealership will use your car's VIN in order to craft and program your new key. Depending on the make and model of your car, you may be looking at more than $100 to replace that key. 

Call a Locksmith

Locksmiths can handle most other keys, including coded keys. Even if they can't get the right code for your key, they should be able to make a key for you that will still let you get into your car and start it. Some locksmiths will be able to come out to your location and do the replacement there, as long as they have the right equipment. In order to make sure that they can program your new coded key correctly, they will look at your VIN and the make, model, and year of your car. Since different manufacturers use different kinds of codes, and the types of codes can change from year to year, that information will make sure that the locksmith uses the right kind of code when they make your key. You may want to ask them to make more than one key at that point so you are ready in case you lose one. 

Having a smart or coded key keeps your car safer. It also makes your life easier, at least right up until you lose it. Contact a business like One Call Lock & Key to get your key replaced.