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First Things First

How To Childproof Your Gun Safe

by Katie Davis

If you have a passion for firearms and a baby on the way, you want to know the best way to keep your family safe. You want to protect your family from harm while also keeping your firearms out of the wrong hands. Here are tips on how to make gun safes child proof:

1. Keep ammunition in a separate safe.

Buy a separate locking safe for ammunition. Make sure all your guns are unloaded before placing them in the safe. Hide the keys for your ammunition safe in a separate area from the ones for your gun safe. Be sure to keep all keys hidden in a place where your children can't easily find them.

2. Install foolproof locks.

Hire a locksmith to install safer locks on your gun safe. If you have a safe that uses keys, you should switch to a combination lock. Higher tech locks that use fingerprints or palm scans are the best choice. You should also install a different kind of lock for your ammunition safe. For example, if you use a combination lock for your gun safe, install a fingerprint lock for your ammunition safe. The added layer of security will also keep your family safe during a burglary.

3. Hide the safes.

Keep your gun safes out of sight. If your child can't see the safe, his or her curiosity won't get the best of them. If you can afford it, the best way to hide the safe is within a wall under a hidden panel. You can also hide the safe behind a painting or large piece of furniture. If this isn't an option, the best way to hide your safe is in the back of your closet, or in a piece of furniture like a wardrobe or trunk. You can also buy a gun safe that looks like a piece of furniture.

4. Install locks on your guns.

Have special locks installed on all your guns. There are several types of gun locks you can buy. The steel cable lock wraps around the gun once it's disassembled. This prevents the gun from being put back together. There are also trigger locks that prevent the gun from being fired. Cable locks work best for guns that are for recreational purposes instead of protection.

5. Make sure to mount or bolt down all gun safes.

Firearms aren't the only danger of gun safes. A child can get hurt if a safe falls or tips over. Make sure all your gun safes are mounted or bolted down. This not only keeps your child safe from falling hazards, but prevents tampering. If someone breaks in, they won't be able to carry the safe off.

These are five tips that will childproof your gun safe and protect your family. Contact a locksmith in your area for more information.