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When you move into your first house, you might be tempted to order new furniture or carpets for your place instead of attending to more important matters. Unfortunately, if you overlook home security, you might be left wondering if your family is safe while you are away. As a lock enthusiast, I always tell new homeowners that the first thing they should do is to rekey their entire house. Believe it or not, the process is relatively inexpensive and easy, so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank to protect your new investment. Read my website to find out more.

First Things First

Increase The Safety Of Your New Home With The Help Of A Locksmith

by Katie Davis

Moving into a new house can come with a number of new lifestyle changes and services you'll need, but the services of a locksmith is often forgotten once the key to the house is in your hands. In order to prevent a potential break-in and gain the peace of mind that your home is protected, make it a priority to get the services of a locksmith soon after moving in. 

Get All the Doors Rekeyed

The previous residents of your new home may still have some spare keys in their possession, so it's important to get all the doors rekeyed. This includes the entry doors to your home, any sheds outside, the garage, and even bathroom doors. By getting every lock rekeyed, you can have the peace of mind that only you have all the keys for your home.

Consolidate All Your Doors Into One Key

Older homes that have undergone renovations or additions over time may have a number of different keys needed. In order to get around your home more conveniently, ask about consolidating all the doors into one universal key from the locksmith.

Look Into New Locks for the Windows

While windows simply lock with a turn of a knob, you may find that some have a lock which require a key. Getting new keys for the windows as well as the doors will add extra protection in your home.

Consider the Security Level of Your Locks

Even with all the lock keys replaced, some locks may not be as effective as keeping potential burglars out. In order to ensure that your home is as safe as possible, look into extra measures such as upgrading to new locks altogether. Exploring your options such as double and single cylinder deadbolts can help you pick out new locks with your safety in mind.

Ask About Spare Keys and Hiding Tips

Having a few spare keys is essential since you may want to give a spare to a family friend or neighbor. If you're interested in having a spare key hidden somewhere outside your home, make sure to ask the locksmith about potential hiding spots so that the key is as protected as possible.

Taking your time considering the services of a locksmith (such as one from The Lock Shop) can make all the difference when moving into a new home. By having a locksmith visit your home shortly after moving in, you can be comfortable and know that your home has the protection you need.