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First Things First

What Does A Commercial Locksmith Do - And What Can They Do For You ?

by Katie Davis

A commercial locksmith may have many of the same duties that a residential locksmith has, but their work may tend to be more involved. In many cases, the commercial locksmith works for a single company, and has an office at the company's main site. The commercial locksmith will only work out of their office occasionally since much of their work requires them to be at various areas on and around the property. Keep reading to learn more about what a commercial locksmith does for the company that employs them.

Mobile Work

Much of a commercial locksmith's work may vary from one day to the next. The commercial locksmith will be there to deal with any lockouts that happen on property, and will also deal with situations like:

  • Creating new building and office keys when needed
  • Replacing identification badges when lost
  • Helping employees who are locked out of their vehicle

The commercial locksmith may also visit other branches of the company that employs them as needed. All of the jobs above mean that many commercial locksmiths act as a mobile locksmith in many cases. Thus, a great deal of flexibility is important for any commercial locksmith who works for a single employer.

Maintaining Property Security

The commercial locksmith's primary job is usually maintaining security for the company that employs them. This involves much more than just lock and key systems in most cases. The majority of businesses that employ commercial locksmiths have high-end security systems that the locksmith is responsible for.

The systems may include security measures like:

  • Keypad entry systems
  • Electronic badge entry systems
  • Biometric lock systems (fingerprint lock systems)  

These systems require regular, and possibly daily, maintenance to function at their peak. Every time a new employee is hired, they must be added to the system. Adding new employees to the system (and removing former employees) may take a significant portion of a commercial locksmith's time, especially in large companies.

With sophisticated electronic security systems like those mentioned above, malfunctions and glitches can be fairly commonplace. The commercial locksmith may be on call virtually around the clock to deal with any issues that the security system may have.

Ultimately, the commercial locksmith has not just one role, but a large variety of roles, as you can see. The constant evolution of security systems and security measures means that the job of a commercial locksmith will never be boring. They will keep your whole company feeling secure.