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First Things First

Options For Keeping Your Firearms Safe

by Katie Davis

You have several options for storing your firearms and keeping them safe. Your choice will depend on how convenient you want your rifles and pistols to be, how valuable they are, and your budget. Here is a rundown of the various ways you can store your firearms.

Gun Cases

These are most useful for transporting your firearms without damaging them. They have room for one or two weapons and can be a hard or soft case. A few cases include a simple luggage lock but the designs do nothing to prevent theft. They are helpful when taking a gun to a firing range, but that's about it. These are the least expensive cases in this list.

Metal Cases

Some of these gun cases are made to transport weapons, but a few can be mounted on a wall or the floor of your home. They usually contain padding to prevent the guns from shifting around. Some include a simple key lock, but a few have the option of a keypad or combination lock. Your local locksmith can show you different metal cases and lock styles for your guns.

When used to transport weapons, these cases won't prevent theft. But when permanently mounted at home, they will slow down a burglar for a few minutes. Most of these cases can still be forced open easily with a pry bar or screwdriver.

These are in the middle price range for gun cases.

Steel Cabinets

This is an expensive option for storing your firearms, but the first to offer real protection against theft. They are made of reinforced steel with hardened steel locks. Most sit on the floor and look like a tall filing cabinet. A few can be mounted against a wall. These cabinets are heavy enough to keep one person from stealing it by moving it themselves. But they can be moved by two people when you want to relocate it somewhere else in your home.

When mounted on a wall, the steel cabinets are difficult to pry loose. Your locksmith can show you various options such as combination locks, digital keypads, and even fingerprint recognition locks. A wall-mounted steel cabinet with a sophisticated locking mechanism nearly guarantees that your guns are protected against theft. The full guarantee is reserved for the gun safes.

Gun Safes

When you need maximum protection for your firearms, have the locksmith show you the latest in gun safes. These are made of reinforced, hardened steel with a door and hinges that are unbreakable. This is like having a bank vault for your guns. Once installed in your home, it can't be moved. They come with a variety of locks, alarm systems, compartments and padding, and fire resistance.

You will pay a premium price for a gun safe, but it is the only design that ensures that your gun collection is safe.

You will likely end up owning several types of gun cases: a safe for your most valuable weapons, a wall-mounted steel case for the guns with which you most like to hunt or take to the shooting range, and a small; soft-sided gun case to protect your firearms on the way to the hunting camp.

A final safety precaution is a trigger or cable lock to prevent a gun from accidentally discharging should it be bounced around in one of the soft or hard-sided transportable gun cases. Talk with a business like Fradon Lock Co Inc to find the case that best works for you.