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When you move into your first house, you might be tempted to order new furniture or carpets for your place instead of attending to more important matters. Unfortunately, if you overlook home security, you might be left wondering if your family is safe while you are away. As a lock enthusiast, I always tell new homeowners that the first thing they should do is to rekey their entire house. Believe it or not, the process is relatively inexpensive and easy, so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank to protect your new investment. Read my website to find out more.

First Things First

The Importance Of Using Locksmith Services In Residential Property Management

by Katie Davis

Being a residential property owner has its pros and cons. Indeed, on the one hand, it provides you with supplemental income, and on the other, it requires dealing with renters who aren't always honest. Unfortunately, there's no guaranteed way to address the challenges associated with property ownership once and for all. Instead, there exist solutions that you might apply when an issue involving a tenant arises, such as the use of locksmith services. This article discusses the importance of relying on locksmith services in residential property management.

Why re-keying is right for you

If you've been a tenant at least once in your life, then you probably know the average number of duplicate keys lessees can make while they're still renting their unit. This is because they want to minimize the consequences associated with losing their keys, including the cost of replacing their keys. Indeed, such a cost is far greater than the key duplication one.

As a property owner, you certainly don't want to be found liable because you forgot to make the necessary modifications on a given unit after a former tenant left. This is what might happen if you rent the unit to a new lessee, who then becomes the victim of a break-in. To prevent such a scenario from occurring, you must have all of the locks of your recently vacated units rekeyed. Not only does this eliminate any future liability from your shoulders, but it's also an affordable option.

Requests for maintenance made easier with master keys

When a tenant contacts the leasing office to report a problem in their unit, they expect it to be addressed in a timely fashion. For example, if they call about the issue before going to work in the morning, they'll want it to be fixed by the time they come back home at night. So if, due to issues involving keys, your maintenance staff isn't able to do their job, this will most likely infuriate the lessee.

One way to avoid this type of situation is by creating a master key that will be used for all of your locks. Master keys make even more sense if you possess more than one residential property within the same area.

It seems quite evident that working with a locksmith will bring value to your business. So make the right decision today, and start taking advantage of the benefits associated with using locksmith services, such as improving the safety of your units. For more information, contact a local locksmith company like ASAP Mobile Locksmiths.